Visit our Bandcamp account to listen to our new album ‘Hivemind’:

“a roof for sub-metal riffs, ambient bliss and a fair chunk of zingy electronica” 8/10 Uncut

“Hivemind ranges from creepy to beautiful much like the insect world itself. As the shifting beats of Grasshoppers From Mars flow into the propulsive synths of aphidelity and eventually the epic sweep of Khepri, Hivemind too evolves into a weird and wonderful album” – 4/5 Q Magazine

“The Manchester trio’s sophomore album reveals a group who can occupy any part of the krautrock spectrum while encompassing math rock and post rock influences”  – Sunday Times

“Excellent” – 8/10 NME

“Metronomic Jams, Math Rock and full tilt pyche wig-outs. Basically its the Bees Knees”  – Prog Rock Magazine


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